The Tribe

"Prozis is a powerhouse product-developing company. Every day we make new products. That is only possible because we developed our own proprietary technology that ensures that we bring you high quality, beautiful and fair priced products. We endure in our philosophy of a 4.0 vertical process, manufacturing in our own facilities or with the help of our super partners. We do everything: idea, concept, design, manufacturing, quality control, marketing, sales, logistics, printing, distribution, client support, software development, photo, video, 3D and philosophy. We deliver wherever you are, whenever you want. We don't compromise. We breathe technology, drink design and feed on our will to exceed ourselves, making the best products in the world. This all starts in 2007 with a crazy guy in a garage that thinks he can change the world for the better. Right now, we are hundreds, going to thousands of crazy but focused people. Will is a skill. There are a lot of people that want to buy us out. We don't have a F****** price tag. It's not about the money. It's about our mission. Trust us. We will feed your body and mind with everything you need to exceed yourself."

- Miguel Milhão

The Team

Be part of a multidisciplinary and creative team focused on digital content creation and social media channels growth and maintenance. As a specialist in your field, you can contribute to the team by helping to create, produce, share, optimize, and promote solid and impactful digital content. This content can be educational, inspiring, engaging, or a combination of the three. Above all, it should always of the highest quality. So double-check your facts, edit out any typos, and keep the content in line with the company’s content strategy and tone of voice.

The Role

As a Social Media Channel Manager, you'll be the "channel owner”. You’ll be responsible for editing and publishing content, driving engagement, analyzing data and insights, and creating a consistent online presence across all relevant social media channels. Throughout the entire creative process, you’ll work closely with the company’s Graphic Designers, Video Editors, Motion Designers, Sound Designers, and Copywriters/Researchers.

Your responsibilities:

  • Implement the social media strategy and calendar — which includes finding creative ways to boost engagement (i.e., likes, comments, and shares), increasing social media followers, and boosting social media visibility and reach.
  • Analyze data and report metrics.
  • Suggest alterations to the social media strategy based on data.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends and relevant social media principles.
  • Respond to followers' feedback and queries (if required).
  • Post and monitor social media channels.
  • Work alongside the team to ensure everything is completed on time and according to the brief.
  • Analyze competition.
  • Liaise with external stakeholders, such as digital agencies and influencers (if required).


You have 3-5 years experience working in social media - minimum 3 years social media management experience. Deep expert in using social media management tools. Strong ability to interpret social media listening and analytics outputs (skilled in gaining insights from social media data). Understanding of local social media laws and regulations.

Your Superpowers:

  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Proficiency in relevant social media channels — Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, Discord, etc.
  • Ability to work with social media analytics tools, including Google Analytics.
  • Strong understanding of social media KPIs.
  • Being up-to-date with trending topics discussed on the web.
  • Ability to anticipate problems and quickly solve them.
  • Ability to pay attention to detail while being creative.
  • Ability to work with confidential matters discreetly and responsibly.
  • Fluency in English.

Btw: Prozis is not for everyone!