The Tribe

It all started 11 years ago, with a young student who had a dream. Today, Prozis is the European leader in sports nutrition and functional foods. We started in a garage, but today we are 500 and have facilities in more than 5 cities and 2 continents.

We’re bold, we’re fierce, we never back down! We change, we adapt, we grow. We develop, we produce, we work hard and we celebrate.

And we’re only getting started!

The Job

This is not a job for the couch potato, because one day you can be in Portugal and the next one in China, Taiwan or similar. The job consists in “convert” the existing technology in a market reality and something our customer desire and use.

Although it is important that you think about quality control and know how to determine, hardware, software and firmware requirements, this role does not need a lab rat.

The job involves lots of sourcing and travels to visit and decide who the best suppliers are.

The Team

You are the team! At least for a while, although a while is something very quick at Prozis. You’ll work closely with our R&D Team and also our Prozis X project, a team that is a mix between a SWAT Team and Justice League, since they work with lots of computer firepower and develop awesome projects in a “cave”, hidden from plain sight


You are some kind of geek who loves sports, gadgets, apps, hardware, software, kitchen appliances, and the whole yada yada yada!

You have deep knowledge in the electronics area and are able to connect the dots between people, and technology. Having knowledge of quality control for electronics devices is something very, very useful.

Having to go abroad is not a problem to you. You are fluent in English and you are not afraid of having to meet different people. It is mandatory to be available to travel.

Your Superpowers:

  • Autonomy;
  • Decision;
  • Cooperation;
  • Strategic Vision.

Did You Know?

Although Prozis is very well known in the online world, we also sell in the traditional retail market. We have our products in supermarkets, sports nutrition stores and even in airports.