The Tribe

It all started 11 years ago, with a young student who had a dream. Today, Prozis is the European leader in sports nutrition and functional foods. We started in a garage, but today we are 500 and have facilities in more than 5 cities and 2 continents.

We’re bold, we’re fierce, we never back down! We change, we adapt, we grow. We develop, we produce, we work hard and we celebrate.

And we’re only getting started!

The Job

You’ll play a generalist role in the human resources area. This includes working the full talent management lifecycle, working directly with internal clients from different areas. You'll recruit, evaluate, give feedback, solve problems, and many other different tasks. This is not a job for the faint of hear! ;-)

The Team

Crazy, focused, different! Our team has introverts, extroverts, the feeling type, the rational type, the organized, the creative, you name it… We are not the usual HR Department.

We do it all in HR from A to Z and we have different superheroes with awesome superpowers. We are 9 atm and we continue to grow. We don’t follow the conventional, we don’t find the answers in books (although we read them).


You are someone who loves people, oriented to results, and bla bla bla! Fu** the usual bullsh*t in job ads to HR People. Truth be told, we want someone unique, with a scary, yet amazing drive and motivation who is willing to learn, adapt, develop and achieve top results! You don’t have to know everything in HR, but you have to, at least have “heard it before” or “read somewhere”. You are a predator, not a prey.

Your Superpowers:

  • Rapport;
  • Learning;
  • Cooperation;
  • Ownership;
  • Autonomy;
  • Strategic Vision.

Did you Know?

This year alone we’ve hired more than 180 new employees with an average cost per process under 500€.