The Tribe

It all started 11 years ago, with a young student who had a dream. Today, Prozis is the European leader in sports nutrition and functional foods. We started in a garage, but today we are 500+ and have facilities in more than 5 cities and 2 continents.

We’re bold, we’re fierce, we never back down! We change, we adapt, we grow. We develop, we produce, we work hard and we celebrate.

And we’re only getting started!

The Job

You’ll be the Human Resources Business Partner for Prozis Tech Division. Prozis “sits” in a multitude of technologies and different IT products. Working closely with different stakeholders, you’ll be the strategic point of contact between HR and Tech, working with the CHRO and the CTO to create and develop HR programs to improve the full employee lifecycle.

The Team

Crazy, focused, different! Our team has introverts, extroverts, the feeling type, the rational type, the organized, the creative, you name it… We are not the usual HR Department.

We do it all in HR from A to Z and we have different superheroes with awesome superpowers. We are 10 and we’ll continue to grow. We don’t follow the conventional, we don’t find the answers in books (although we read them).


You are an experienced Human Resources Professional with a strategic mindset, a deep knowledge of the Tech intricacies and a keen interest in people and business. It is expected that you are familiar with words like Java, frameworks, kubernetes, as well as competency, ats, feedback, talent pool. Please apply only if these words ring a bell. ;-)

You should be able to work in a fast-paced tech environment and know about agile methodologies.

Your Superpowers:

  • Ownership;
  • Autonomy;
  • Orientation to objectives and results;
  • Orientation to clients;
  • Cooperation;
  • Strategic Vision.

Did you Know?

Prozis Tech Division is a team of 80 Tech guys and girls and we’re “only getting started”. We expect our team to grow a LOT! We’ve Tech teams in Aveiro, Porto, Esposende and we’re preparing a new office in Maia.